When I was serving on the battlefield in Afghanistan, having the best tools available wasn’t just a preference - it was often a matter of life or death.

That’s why I’ve made it a priority to ensure every member of our military brave enough to serve a cause bigger than themselves has the best equipment possible to carry out their mission safely and effectively.

The good news is that the House recently made sure that we are meeting this expectation to equip our servicemembers and keep the United States safe by approving:

  • 3.1% pay raise for troops - the largest in a decade!
  • $130 million in funding for modernizing military mobility
  • $4 million to prepare soldiers for combat in extreme climates
  • $1.2 billion to bolster our Navy and Air Force fleets with additional aircrafts

This funding will go a long way to help ensure the United States maintains its military leadership on the global stage and that servicemembers have the tools they need to keep Americans safe.