Mar 19 2019

Since the beginning of the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule back in 2008, the Treasure Coast has received discharges 9 out of 11 years. That is not shared adversity. Check out this #LakeOFactCheck for more.

Mar 15 2019

There is a lot of misinformation flying around out there about Lake Okeechobee and the health of our waterways. Now, it’s time to set the record straight. Check out my brand new #LakeOFactCheck video series to learn more!

Feb 15 2019

Did you know that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been performing extremely painful and distressing research experiments on dogs? This week I helped introduce a new bill called the PUPPERS Act to put an end to these terrible, abusive tests once and for all.

Feb 01 2019

Last year I passed legislation to force the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to redo the Lake Okeechobee Regulation Schedule (LORS) that determines when toxic discharges from Lake O are sent into our community. That rewrite process starts now with a chance to make our community’s voice heard! Learn more: