Sep 06 2017

Now is the time for everyone in our community to prepare for this potentially dangerous hurricane. For more information on how to prepare for this storm, please review this information from FEMA.

Aug 03 2017

Between the drama in Washington and the threats of terror around the world, I know the good stuff doesn't make the news very often. But the reality is, we've accomplished a lot to make our country safer. Here's an update on some of the decisive victories from last week.

Aug 03 2017

Last week was a great one for veterans. As you already know, we began on Monday by passing 8 bills that will help veterans. We rounded out the week with another 4 veterans bills, including bipartisan agreement to continue funding the Choice Program.

Jul 27 2017

After last summer, our community knows far too well what environmental disaster looks like. The great news is that this week we passed a bill that includes over $150 million to directly help the Everglades and our coastal environment, including my amendments to combat harmful algal blooms.

Jul 26 2017

The Army Corps is the most important federal agency for fixing the water problems in our community, but right now we don't have permanent leadership for the agency. We need a radical thinker to make transformational change and who will work with us in Congress to get the job done.

Jul 25 2017

This week Congress worked together to pass a truly great bipartisan bill that will strengthen Medicare called the Medicare Part B Improvement Act. I'm proud of our bipartisan work to get this bill passed and will continue fighting to protect Medicare for today's seniors and future generations.

Jul 25 2017

We must tackle the lack of clean, safe water in our community from as many different angles as possible. That's why, in addition to supporting efforts to build a southern reservoir, this week I offered four amendments to increase funding for researching and combating harmful algal blooms.