Apr 13 2018

In one of the most ridiculous and frustrating moves since I've gotten to Washington, 184 Members of Congress just teamed up to block a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. I voted yes on this important bill, and I wish more of my colleagues would have done the same.

Apr 12 2018

Ensuring that we are good stewards of our environment begins with strong conservation efforts. Great news: today my bill passed through the Transportation & Infrastructure committee unanimously. This clears the last major hurdle before passing the bill on the House Floor!

Mar 23 2018

Our communities are safest when America is strongest. Last week we passed new legislation to strengthen school security and this week we took decisive action to protect American security at the highest levels - including our cyber security and national infrastructure network.

Mar 12 2018

Taxpayers deserve the truth about who is paying for Brightline, and our community deserves answers about why they are refusing to address critical safety and economic concerns. That's why I've requested a Congressional hearing to examine this abusive waste and fraud.

Mar 09 2018

One of my top goals in Congress is to make our community safe, healthy and strong. As a member of the Foreign Affairs committee, I'm working for strong national security, and right here in the 18th District, we're hard at work to protect our schools, combat the opioid epidemic and more.

Feb 27 2018

As Members of Congress, we weren’t sent to Washington to do what’s easy — we were sent here to take action, even when the conversation is difficult and the odds look long. We must unite to prevent this from happening ever again. We must unite to save lives.

Jan 23 2018

All Aboard Florida is proposing to expand use of the railroad bridges over the St. Lucie and Loxahatchee Rivers. At my request, the U.S. Coast Guard is completing a study into the use of waterways near these bridges, and they're asking for YOUR input.

Dec 14 2017

This week we moved one step closer to historic tax cuts for middle class families and made new strides toward a safer and stronger 18th District. Watch this week's video recap to hear more about all of these accomplishments and keep an ear out for major news on tax cuts coming soon!