Signed Into Law

H.R. 3045

We shouldn’t have artificial barriers or needless bureaucracy getting in the way of those who want to serve. This bill expands military housing benefits to Foreign Service Officers who temporarily lose housing allowance while on mandatory Home Leave Status. Read more about H.R. 3045.

H.R. 3046

We should support the calling to military service, not make it harder. That’s why I introduced H.R. 3046 to expand service eligibility to reserve physicians or reserve chaplains beyond the age of 68. Read more about H.R. 3046.

Passed By The House

Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act

The bipartisan Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act imposes sanctions on foreign persons, agencies and governments that assist Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or their affiliates. Read more about the Palestinian International Terrorism Support Prevention Act.

South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act

The South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act will amend existing federal law aimed at combatting harmful algal blooms to require the first-ever specific federal assessment and action plan to reduce harmful algal blooms in the Greater Everglades region. Read more about the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act.


Toxic Health Threat Warning Act

The Toxic Health Threat Warning Act will require the Army Corps to take accountability for their life-threatening actions and ensure that people know the dangers of coming into contact with toxic water. Read more about the Toxic Health Threat Warning Act.

PROTECT Florida Act

Toxic algae — like that found frequently in Florida’s waterways — can cause nausea, vomiting, liver disease, ALS, Alzheimer’s and even death. The PROTECT Florida Act will amend the Army Corps’ operational priorities to prioritize public health and protect Florida’s citizens from this serious health threat. Read more about the PROTECT Florida Act.

The Improving Veterans Access To Congressional Services Act

The Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act will cut down on bureaucracy by requiring the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs to permit a Member of Congress to use a VA facility to meet with constituents. Read more about the Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act.

Harmony's Law

Harmony’s Law will help potentially prevent hundreds of rapists—who were convicted and found guilty of rape in the military—from being freed from jail on a misconstrued technicality. Read more about Harmony's Law.

Hepatitis Exposure Prevention Act

The Hepatitis Exposure Prevention Act (or HEP A) will increase access to the hepatitis A vaccination by directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to administer the vaccine for free in communities designated by the Governor of a state as at risk of a hepatitis A outbreak. Read more about the Hepatitis Exposure Prevention Act.

Resolution Supporting Operation Good Neighbor

The Resolution Supporting Operation Good Neighbor reaffirms support for collaborative efforts between United States NGOs, including faith based organizations, and the IDF. Read more about the Resolution Supporting Operation Good Neighbor.

Maritime Industries Relief Act

The Maritime Industries Relief Act repeals the duty payment imposed on pre-owned dutiable foreign-flagged boats offered for sale to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters, including motorboats, sail boats, canoes and row boats. Read more about The Maritime Industries Relief Act.

The Wolverine CubeSats For Education Resolution

This resolution recognizes the Weiss School, a prekindergarten through 8th grade school in Palm Beach Gardens. The students at the Weiss School designed the “WeissSat-1” and "CubeSat-1" nanosatellites that were selected by NASA to be launched as auxiliary payloads. Read more about The Wolverine CubeSats For Education Resolution.


The LEAD VA Act will require the VA and the Department of Defense to work together developing a program to assign senior military officers to serve as directors of VA medical centers. Read more about the LEAD VA Act.

The Oath Of Exit

Throughout our lives, the most important commitments we make are spoken. The Oath of Exit creates a voluntary separation oath for members of the Armed Forces aimed at reducing veteran suicide. Read more about the Oath of Exit.

MICRO Plastics Act

Ocean plastics are destroying ecosystems, killing marine life and littering our beaches. The MICRO Plastics Act requires the EPA to tell us the most effective wayto reduce the amount of plastics that are polluting our waterways. Read more about the MICRO Plastics Act.