Passed House of Representatives

Undersea Cable Control Act

Protecting our digital infrastructure from adversaries like China is a crucial component of our national security. That is why I introduced the Undersea Cable Control Act, which would require the Administration to limit foreign adversaries like China from accessing goods and technologies capable of supporting undersea cables.  Read more about the Undersea Cable Control.


Ceasing Age-Based (CAB) Trucking Restrictions Act

An unnecessary government red tape prevents 18 to 20-year-olds from transporting cargo coming off of ships at overloaded ports, even if they have a commercial driver’s license and drive semi-trucks elsewhere within their state. Read more about the Ceasing Age-Based (CAB) Trucking Restrictions Act.

Vaccine Mandate Reenlistment Act

Vaccine mandates have been used by the Biden Administration to wipe critical thinkers and conservative perspectives out of our military, and America is less safe as a result. This bill will strengthen military readiness, as well as get these young men and women back doing what they love: serving our nation. Read more about the Vaccine Mandate Reenlistment Act.

Hamas International Financing Prevention Act

The bipartisan Hamas International Financing Prevention Act imposes sanctions on foreign persons, agencies and governments that assist Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad or their affiliates. Read more about the Hamas International Financing Prevention Act.

No Tax Breaks for Radical Corporate Activism Act

Some woke corporations are considering using your tax dollars to fund their employees’ travel costs to have abortions or even so-called “gender affirming care” for the children of their employees.  I introduced a bill to make sure that these corporations are not allowed to use taxpayer funds to support dangerous procedures that harm our kids and kill innocent babies.  Read the No Tax Breaks for Radical Corporate Activism Act here.

Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act

Opening the first-ever Congressional office inside a VA hospital has allowed us to help veterans on the spot: when and where they’re having an issue. That's why I introduced The Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act to pave the way to make that high level of service a reality for our veterans all across the country. Read more about the Improving Veterans Access to Congressional Services Act.

Resolution Holding China Accountable for Coronavirus

Republicans have spent years pushing for transparency and accountability, and the Chinese Communist Party has spent years engaging in a massive cover-up.  I introduced the resolution to force the communist China to accept responsibility for its gross deception and mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak.  Read more about the legislation to hold China accountable for its coronavirus deception.

Land and Water Conservation Fund Amendments Act

As it’s currently written, fighting harmful algal blooms does not qualify for Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars. That means Florida can’t take advantage of the program in order to solve one of the biggest problems we have when it comes to recreation: water quality.  The Land and Water Conservation Fund Amendments Act is a bill that would make water quality projects eligible for these grants.  Read more about the Land and Water Conservation Fund Amendments Act.

China Social Media Reciprocity Act

Chinese officials lie through our social media to sow division in America and to sing the praises of a brutal dictator in Beijing. I introduced the China Social Media Reciprocity Act to ban sanctioned officials and entities of communist China from American social media platforms as long as they continue to censor Americans on Chinese social media.  Read the China Social Media Reciprocity Act here.

Resolution Raising Awareness For Glioblastoma

As our community knows all too well, Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive, difficult to treat and deadly brain tumors we have ever seen. That's why I introduced legislation to raise awareness and find new ways to treat this terrible disease. Read more about the Resolution Raising Awareness For Glioblastoma.

Gun Rights And Marijuana Act

Under current law, there’s a prohibition on the sale of guns or ammunition to users of federally controlled substances, including marijuana, regardless of whether or not the state you live in has legalized medical or recreational use.  This turns legal cannabis users into second-class citizens by depriving them of a Constitutional right. Read more about the Gun Rights And Marijuana Act.