Jan 01 2020
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That includes ensuring veterans in our community are seeing top-notch, qualified doctors every time they visit the VA is one of my top priorities. The House just passed the Improving Confidence in Veterans' Care Act, which will do just that.
Dec 29 2019
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We’ve been working for months to hold the VA to accountable for their unacceptable use of taxpayer dollars to fund cruel, unnecessary experiments on animals - and we've made great progress! Read more:
Dec 28 2019
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The House recently passed the Emerging Transportation Security Threats Act to ensure the United States has the tools and resources needed to protect against potential threats. Keep reading to learn more!
Dec 26 2019
I’ve made it a priority to ensure every member of our military brave enough to serve a cause bigger than themselves has the best equipment possible to carry out their mission safely and effectively. The House recently passed a bill to do just that!