May 18 2018

Every day, law enforcement officials across the country put their lives on the line to enforce the rule of law and serve justice around our communities. Last year, 135 police officers lost their lives in the line of duty, including 9 in the state of Florida alone. This National Police Week, we honor those fallen heroes and recognize the service of police officers in our communities. This week we passed a series of bills to support our law enforcement community’s efforts.

May 18 2018

In addition to the bills we passed to help police, this week was also a big one for our work for veterans. We passed the VA MISSION Act to increase choice and improve care. And, I also had the honor of being named to join the Veterans Affairs Committee.

May 10 2018

In Florida alone, small businesses employ over 3 million people, or nearly half of the private sector workforce. That’s why it’s critical that we empower aspiring business owners with tools and resources they can use to thrive. This week, we passed several bills to do exactly that!

May 03 2018

When I was serving in Afghanistan, trash and human waste were often burned in open air pits. It’s quickly becoming clear that these burn pits are emerging as the Agent Orange of my generation. That's why this week I joined my fellow veteran Tulsi Gabbard in introducing the Burn Pits Accountability Act.

Apr 27 2018

One of the roles I take most seriously in Congress is the opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless. This week, we passed several bills to hold evil regimes accountable.

Apr 27 2018

During my time in the Army, we worked together toward a serious mission: keep Americans safe and free. While I may no longer be an asset on the battlefield, as your Congressman, my core mission hasn't changed. Every day I go to work for you, it's with the goal of keeping Americans safe and free.

Apr 20 2018

This week I had a singular mission: put taxpayers first. The good news is that this week we passed a desperately-needed overhaul of the IRS system. We also held a hearing in the Oversight Committee about abuse of taxpayer trust by Brightline.

Apr 19 2018

Today, under oath before Congress, Brightline admitted that they lied when they said that their project is "not publicly funded at all." This is a direct quote from today: "There has been public funding granted."