Throughout the country, there are countless monuments and memorials to those who have served under our flag throughout our nation’s history.  Unfortunately, too often, those who are commemorated aren’t able to access the monuments because of burdensome administrative fees. 

Veterans should be able to enjoy the monuments created in their honor, which is why I was proud to vote in favor of the Free Veterans from Fees Act. 

This bipartisan legislation would waive application fees for special event permits at war memorials on federal lands and ensure that groups like Honor Flight or Purple Heart Honor Mission are able to bring veterans to visit their monuments. 

Too often, veterans do not get the ‘welcome home’ that they deserve, and Congress should do everything in its power to show our appreciation for those who defended our freedom.  This bill is just a small expression of that gratitude.  I look forward to seeing the Senate pass it and hope the President will sign it into law. 

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