For decades, the Army Corps of Engineers has knowingly poisoned our community with water laden with algal blooms far more toxic than the EPA considers safe for human contact.  They even admitted it in Congressional testimony!

Right now, the algal bloom on Lake O is 500 square miles, making it larger than the size of New York City, and has also recently tested more than 100 times too toxic for human contact, according to the EPA! 

In 2018, the now head of the Army Corps, Lieutenant General Scott Spellmon testified before Congress that he would be willing to work with us to prioritize public health in the Army Corps’ operations, but he is nonetheless refusing to even come to Florida to see the issue firsthand.    

If Lieutenant General Spellmon is going to poison our community again, safely from his office in Washington, D.C., he should at least first look in the eye of every man, woman and child whose lives he will be putting at risk!  That’s the absolute minimum that should be expected.

I will keep fighting to stop toxic discharges, and I will keep you updated if he responds!

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