Aug 04 2021

No Vaccine Passports

Last week, Speaker Pelosi crossed a line even I didn’t think she would cross: Capitol Police were directed to arrest any American in the U.S. Capitol who did not comply with her mask mandate.  In the same week, federal employees were mandated by President Biden to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Speaker Pelosi and President Biden are hell bent on using this pandemic to expand their own power at the expense of the freedom of the citizens they are supposed to represent.  

That’s why I joined a group of Members of Congress standing up against these insane power grabs to ensure the government does not mandate any sort of “vaccine passport.”  The decision whether or not to get vaccinated is between individuals and their doctors, and the federal government has no business inserting itself in the middle.

The Vaccine Passport Prevention Act would prevent federal agencies, state and local governments, and businesses from requiring Americans to present their vaccine card in order to enter a business, obtain goods or services, or as a condition of employment. Our bill would also allow individuals to sue a business for discrimination if they attempted to require proof of vaccination. 

It’s said that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  I’ll continue to stand vigilant against all those who attempt to infringe on our God-given freedoms!

You can read the bill here: