President Reagan coined the phrase “peace through strength” in a 1980 speech, but it’s a lesson that’s still relevant today.  Despite being old enough to remember the Cold War and Reagan’s speech, it’s a lesson that President Biden needs to learn, fast.  The weakness in the White House is clear, and Vladimir Putin is certainly tempted.

Putin's biggest dream is to restore the glory of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Ukraine is just the first step.  And the only thing that Putin fears is Ukraine becoming a member of NATO because he knows that NATO’s commitment to defend all member states would quickly crush that dream.

This much is clear: if the United States doesn’t put a stop to the ambition of Putin, he won’t stop with Ukraine.  He’ll continue to swallow up the countries around Russia until he’s restored the Soviet Union.

President Biden must step up and lead from the position of strength.  After all, the world is safest when America is strongest.