My bill, the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act, passed the House today and is now headed to the President’s desk to become law!

We’ve all seen the disastrous impact harmful algal blooms have on our health: nausea, vomiting, liver disease and even death.  That’s not to mention the economic toll they take on our communities and our small businesses.

Even the federal government has played a role in this abuse, manipulating our waterways and flushing toxins into our communities with no regard for public health.  In order to undo the damage they’ve caused, the federal government must act.

Enter the South Florida Clean Coastal Waters Act.  This bill will require the first-ever federal action plan to combat harmful algal blooms in our community and the greater Everglades region.

Getting this bill passed, and soon signed into law, is a big step forward in our fight for clean water!  To learn more about the bill, click here.