As a kid, you may have used a piggy bank to save up so that you can get a toy you liked or to donate to a local charity.

But imagine if your rich uncle takes the savings in your piggy bank and claims that it’s his now.  No matter how much he claims he needs the money, it wouldn’t be fair because it’s your money that you saved.

Nor would it be fair for China to claim that they are a developing country and demand international aid from the rest of the world.  The People’s Republic of China has the second biggest economy on the globe, and yet they have unfairly taken resources from agencies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the United Nations, which are, at times, funded by our tax dollars.  This needs to end now.

Thankfully, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, with my support, passed the PRC is Not a Developing Country Act, which could ensure that the communist China does not receive favorable treatment and influence at the expense of developing nations that actually need that aid.

House Republicans are committed to countering threats from the Chinese Communist Party and ensuring that they do not exploit the international system to put more money in their pockets at the expense of the Americans.