In case you missed it, Members of the House of Representatives were called back to Washington, D.C. this week in order to vote on a last-minute deal on the debt limit…after Joe Biden refused to negotiate with Republicans for the last three months.

Republicans passed our solution over a month ago: it’s the Limit, Save, Grow Act.  However, the Senate refused to take up the bill and President Biden didn’t even bother to look at it.  Instead, he spent three months demanding a clean debt ceiling increase so that he could continue on his spending bender.

While Speaker McCarthy tapped brakes on this out-of-control spending, it was not enough to stop Biden from speeding down the highway.  In the end, the bill reached through the compromise - the Fiscal Responsibility Act - did not go far enough to address the spending problem in Washington, D.C.

Let me be clear: there is nothing in the bill that would be a step backwards for conservatives.  For example, it would claw back $29 trillion of the unused COVID funds and create an Administrative PAYGO for the first time - meaning the White House would have to cut a dollar from an existing program for every dollar he wants to spend on a new executive order.

But I don’t believe it was a big enough step forward.

While it imposed a one-year hiring freeze for 87,000 IRS agents, it didn’t permanently defund it.  It restarted student loan payments, but it didn’t squash Biden’s student loan giveaway completely.

That’s why I voted against the bill - because I don’t believe this bill maximized this rare opportunity to address a major threat to our national security: the $32 trillion national debt and Democrats’ liberal agenda.  Americans have had enough with the Biden Administration’s spending problem, and Republicans should not encourage his habit for the next two years.