The first responsibility of any government is the safety and security of its citizens.  That certainly includes helping communities recover from major disasters, like hurricanes.

But there are some in Washington, D.C. who seem to have forgotten that fundamental responsibility.  

In the next few weeks, Congress will consider something called a supplemental appropriations bill, which will increase funding so that the Federal Emergency Management Agency can help communities in Florida and Hawaii deal with the impacts of the recent hurricane and wildfires.  But here’s the problem: some Democrats are already talking about using that bill to also give more money to Ukraine. 

It’s unacceptable.  This funding is intended to help Americans who have just lived through major disasters.  They’ve lost homes and businesses.  To hold it hostage in order to send billions of their tax dollars abroad is a slap in the face. 

There needs to be a serious debate about the United States’ involvement in Ukraine, but that conversation can’t take priority over helping Americans. 

I’m joining 15 of my colleagues to call for a clean supplemental bill that takes care of Americans first.  You can read it here: