Money doesn’t grow on trees.  For the families that are paying roughly $700 extra thanks to inflation, that’s clearer than ever.  That’s why reining in Washington’s spending is at the top of my to-do list this month.  As the House of Representatives is debating legislation to fund the federal government, we need to make sure we remember that every dollar spent is a dollar earned by you.

Likewise, when someone’s worried about how they will afford to drive to work, it’s tough to be concerned about the emissions they’re producing.  That’s why the House moved to prevent states like California from banning the sale of gas-powered cars and forcing Americans to purchase electric vehicles that cost, on average, $17,000 more.  

While my Republican colleagues in the House understand the struggles that families are facing, it seems like Joe Biden might have a hard time relating.  In previous months, the Judiciary Committee uncovered evidence that members of the President’s family have received roughly $20 million from different foreign companies.  That’s why, this week, Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that the Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways & Means Committees would begin an impeachment inquiry into these concerning connections between the Biden family and foreign entities.  

The Number One item on any public official’s to-do list should be working to make sure that families can afford the basics, not trying to make themselves richer. 

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