In March of 2020, the American people were told that we had “two weeks to slow the spread.”  Almost three years later, the Biden Administration is still using that public health emergency to justify power grabs and mandates.

Today, officials from President Biden’s Justice Department were in court, trying to bring back the mask mandate for all passengers on planes.  You may remember that the mandate was struck down by a circuit court judge in Florida over nine months ago.  While the Administration claims it is an urgent matter of protecting public health, they waited almost a year to challenge the courts and reinstate the rule.  That’s because it’s not about science, it’s about control.

If you want to wear a mask on a plane, no one is going to stop you.  It should be left to each individual to make that decision - not power-hungry bureaucrats who want to control your lives.

I’ve fought against this mandate before, and I’ll do it again.  After three years, we aren’t going back to unconstitutional, big government edicts.  Period.