Schools belong to kids, not illegal migrants.  And kids should not have to pay the price for Democrats’ failed immigration policies by sharing their schools with those who enter our country illegally.

But as a result of the Biden Administration’s failure to secure the border, blue cities and states that are scrambling to find more space to house illegal migrants are now turning to schools!  First, they turned classrooms into political battlegrounds by forcing kids into woke indoctrination, and now they are turning school classrooms into overflow housing.

This is not an appropriate use of our tax dollars.  Taxpayers paid to build those schools to educate their kids, not to house illegal migrants.  Anyone that says otherwise is choosing those who break the law over our own children.

That is why the House this week voted to cut off federal funding for any school that allows its facilities to be used for migrant housing.

The Biden Administration neglected to deal with the crisis on the southern border, and now every state in America is experiencing the consequences.  I will continue to fight and make sure our kids are not turned into political pawns who have to pay for the poor decisions of those responsible for the crisis.