What is going on with Robert Malley?

Mr. Malley, who was appointed by President Biden in 2021 to be the United States Special Envoy for Iran, has a questionable history.  Now one of the most trusted advisors in the Biden Administration, he tried to negotiate with Hamas in 2008, and was also the chief architect of the Iran nuclear deal that empowered Iran’s aggression against Israel.

Robert Malley is not a stranger to the State Department, but his record is shady at best.

During his time in President Biden’s State Department as the Special Envoy, he had his security clearance suspended - allegedly as early as April of 2023.  But the Biden Administration kept him on staff and even tried to hide the status of his security clearance.  At the same time, there was bipartisan interest amongst members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in hearing from Mr. Malley, but we were turned down by the State Department.  There was no notice given that he was under investigation, just that he was “unavailable.”

We can never have a repeat of this situation.  Thankfully, today the Foreign Affairs Committee passed my bill to prevent it by demanding transparency.  The State Department Security Notification Act would require the State Department to notify and brief the House Foreign Affairs Committee regarding changes in the security clearance status of senior officials.  If someone working in the highest levels of foreign policy has his or her security clearance suspended or revoked, Congress needs to know.

This bill is a basic example of good governance, transparency, and national security.  I look forward to seeing it pass the House.