Four months ago, Hamas attacked Israel in the cruelest way imaginable.  To show support for Israel, the House passed a strong aid package the following month to make it clear the United States stands with Israel.

Unfortunately, President Biden and Senate Democrats continue to block that support to this day.

This week, the House once again voted on a bill to send aid to Israel, but even before the House voted on this bill, President Biden announced he would VETO it if it passed.  Then, Democrats in D.C. proceeded to kill the bill.

The morally bankrupt Democrats in Washington, D.C. have lost their conscience and refuse to stand up to the radical pro-Hamas activists in their party.  So, I took my time during a committee hearing this week to make the point that Israel is our ally and we must stand with her!

The bottom line is that I will make sure Washington always supports our allies and not those who hate America.