When I was elected to serve Florida in Washington, I pledged to fight for you.  The United States right now is struggling with the skyrocketing inflation caused by #Bidenomics, rising gas prices and a southern border that remains wide open to tens of thousands of migrants everyday.

That is why, yesterday, I voted for legislation that would have cut federal spending to fight inflation, and secured the border, while still keeping the government open for 30 days.  I voted for that continuing resolution (CR) because it didn’t just kick the can down the road, it contained several conservative policies that I support, but it still gave Congress an extension to do the hard work of passing individual spending bills for each federal agency.  Unfortunately, that bill did not pass.

Today, House Republicans put forward another CR bill that would fund the government for the next 45 days.  While - thankfully - it did not include funding for Ukraine, I don’t believe it was as strong as the bill that the House considered yesterday.  That is why I voted no on the continuing resolution.

I remain hopeful that Congress will continue to tackle the tough problems and will keep working in the coming weeks to pass bills that are thoughtfully debated and make sure that every tax dollar spent helps the American people.

To hear more of my thoughts on what is going on, check out this video.