First it was gas stoves, then it was water heaters… now it’s ceiling fans.  Ceiling fans are the latest target for the Biden Administration’s seemingly endless war on appliances, with the Department of Energy (DOE) announcing a new rule that requires ceiling fans to be more energy efficient.  This Administration seems bound and determined to literally regulate everything but the kitchen sink.

Ignoring the blatant government overreach at play here, this newest regulation could force small businesses to shutter.  It’s estimated that complying with the DOE’s rule would cost the industry $86.6 million per year - that’s a cost many small manufacturers can’t absorb. 

Biden’s war on appliances isn’t just big government at its worst, it’s bad for the economy.  At a time when many small businesses are struggling to cope with inflation and supply chain issues, the White House should be focused on cutting red tape and making it easier for Main Street to create jobs and spur our local economies. 

I’ll continue to fight for limited government and against mandates because we don’t need bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. telling us how to cool our homes in Florida.