The International Criminal Court is a joke. That’s one of the reasons why we've refused to recognize its legitimacy for the past two decades.

But even the best jokes stop being funny after a while. And right now, this faceless organization of bureaucracy is actively working to undermine Israel — one of our strongest allies in the Middle East.

The ICC wants to punish Israel for defending itself against Hamas. Think about that: They want to punish an American ally for defending itself against the terrorists that raped and butchered 1,200 innocent civilians on October 7th.

This is disgusting and UNACCEPTABLE.

Now, you may remember a few months ago that I delivered a simple message when confronted by the pro-Hamas sympathizers at CodePink. I asked them if they knew where we stood on terrorists? The answer was simple and resolute: we stand on their throats.

Well, I have a new message today: We stand on the throats of terrorists, but we also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies.

That’s why I’m introducing legislation to sanction any ICC official that is working to investigate, arrest, detain or prosecute a U.S. citizen or an official from an allied U.S. country, like Israel.

Our bill is a warning to the ICC. We may not recognize you, but you sure as hell will recognize what happens when you target America or its allies.

I will continue to put America first and make sure that these globalist organizations CANNOT put a leash on our great nation.