Last week, Joe Biden threw a celebration at the White House as he signed the Inflation “Reduction” Act into law.  What was he celebrating?  Screwing the American people. 

The latest tax and spending spree is going to cost the taxpayer $750 billion.  And what, exactly, are you paying for?  More taxes, higher prices at the grocery store and another likely surge at the gas pump.  This law means more taxes for families at every single income level, despite Joe Biden’s repeated promise not to raise taxes on middle class Americans.  On top of that, even self-proclaimed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders has admitted that this law is not going to address the out-of-control inflation we’re seeing. 

President Biden and his Democrat allies celebrated making your life harder.  They were elected to work for We the People, and yet they continue to do the exact opposite.  They are working for liberal special interest groups and continue to put their own agenda ahead of the well being of those they are supposed to represent.

I will continue to fight to keep the government out of your wallet and stop these far-left proposals!