The uncomfortable truth is that China is trying to spy on us every chance they get.

When the Chinese spy balloon made its way across the United States, Americans rightfully demanded the government shoot it down!

The barely-stealthy spy balloon is not the only tool the communist regime in China is using to spy on us, though. TikTok, one of the most viral social media apps, maintains a concerning tie with the Chinese Communist Party through parent company ByteDance.

Xi Jinping has all the tools to force ByteDance to hand over the data they collect through TikTok and use the data to target Americans.

That’s why I voted for the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Application Act, which would give TikTok 180 days to cut ties with ByteDance.

Here’s the bottom line: Americans should have access to TikTok if they want it. The Chinese Communist Party should not.

The bill passed the House in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, and it is now headed to the Senate for consideration.

I will continue to fight communist China at every turn so that their goal of becoming the next superpower remains a dream, not a reality.