America First means putting the interest of our people and our country above all else. It’s the reason why we are fighting to secure our border, fund law enforcement, and prevent China from buying farmland near American army bases and military installations.

But America First doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. If you are an American traveling abroad, there should be every expectation that the American government is looking out for your safety and best interest. The same should extend to American businesses operating overseas. 

Unfortunately, under President Biden an increasing number of foreign governments are threatening to seize and nationalize American companies. Just last month, Mexico threatened to seize control of a quarry and port owned by an American company. The threat came after the U.S.-based company rejected an offer by the Mexican government to buy the property.

This is absolutely ridiculous and a massive power grab by the Mexican government. That’s why I’m backing bipartisan legislation to sanction Mexico and other countries that act in a similar manner towards American businesses.

Our bill would prohibit countries from docking their vessels at U.S. ports or importing goods if they have seized property belonging to an American citizen or an American company. The idea here is simple: if a country abuses an American overseas, it shouldn’t get to then turn around and come here and try to hawk its goods on our free market. 

Putting America First should mean nothing less.