$85,726.  That’s how much every American owes of the national debt.  My four children - the oldest of which is eleven - together already owe almost $350,000.

But apparently Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats aren’t concerned with the enormous burden they’re passing on to our kids because, this week, they forced through funding bills that increase government spending by another 21 percent.  That’s on top of the $1.9 trillion they already spent earlier this year. 

Their irresponsible actions this week showed again why a balanced budget amendment is so important. If every family and small business in this country can set and operate under a budget, Congress needs to do the same.

The reality is that every time the federal government spends a dollar more than it has, they’re putting it on your tab, and when it comes time for collection, if you’re not around, they’ll take it from your kids.

That’s why I’m fighting to stop them, and this is far from over.  I’ll keep working to make sure Speaker Pelosi is held accountable for how she spends your tax dollars.