A year ago, the whole world witnessed Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Our allies and our adversaries watched the United States of America - the same country that wrecked Nazi Germany and fascist Japan - get kicked out by terrorists.

And exactly six months ago, Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked and unjustified invasion of  sovereign nation Ukraine.  That’s not a surprise.  After Afghanistan, the message to every enemy of the United States was clear: if you want it, take it. Joe Biden won’t stop you.

Weakness in the White House not only makes America unsafe, but it makes the entire world unsafe.  Many Ukrainians have lost their livelihoods and their loved ones.  And now, China is conducting mock invasion drills with their military off the coast of Taiwan. 

In order for our allies to stand strong, America needs to be strong.  Unfortunately, the world does not have leadership in the White House that can deliver that result.  The world cannot afford this decline in American leadership.