Your tax dollars should not empower terrorists.

However, after President Biden took the Houthis off the terrorist list in the first month of his term in office, the United States has sent $3 BILLION in aid to Yemen.  Subsequently, the ragtag terrorists in Yemen used the money to wage attacks on American cargo ships and warships passing through the Red Sea.

By all definitions, the Houthis in Yemen are terrorists.  There is no good reason to reverse President Trump’s decision, thereby putting Americans and our interests at risk.  But he chose the Yemenis over Americans when he made the decision to take the Houthis off the terrorist list, inviting aggression from all around the world.

Now, with the damage done, President Biden could use this opportunity to punish these terrorists who continue to disrupt the global supply chain.  But instead, he added the Houthis to a watered-down list, and not the most aggressive terrorist list where they belong.  This simply does not go far enough.

President Biden must put America first.  As the chair of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability, I will continue to demand that the Biden Administration puts our interests first.