In one of the most ridiculous and frustrating moves since I've gotten to Washington, 184 Members of Congress just teamed up to block a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

Every year families and small businesses across the country are forced to set and live by a budget. 46 states are required to have balanced budgets, either by their constitution or statutes. But for far too long, the federal government has shirked this responsibility, passing budgets that never balance and put us into even more debt.

Our $21 trillion debt is one of the greatest threats to our national security and economy. A Balanced Budget Amendment, on the other hand, would have been an important first step to addressing our nation’s failed status quo.

That’s why I voted no on the bloated omnibus package and it’s why I’ve been such a strong supporter of a Balanced Budget Amendment since I got to Congress.

I voted yes on this important bill, and I wish more of my colleagues would have done the same. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to take action soon!