It’s amazing what a difference a year can make.

Over the last year, we have worked closely with tremendous partners including Governor DeSantis, the South Florida Water Management District and others to change the harmful way Lake Okeechobee was being managed.

As a result, the lake is no longer being managed at artificially high levels that lead to toxic discharges and jeopardize our public health. Instead of fighting us tooth and nail like the old South Florida Water Management District board and the old leadership at the Army Corps, this new group is on the right side - fighting with us for cleaner water and more sensible management to prevent discharges.

This is exactly what it’s going to take to clean up our waterways and protect our communities. There is still a lot more work left in front of us, but I am confident that we can continue to build on this great progress and finally send the water south to restore the Everglades.

In case you missed it, here are a few other things that happened this week: