Almost two years into the pandemic, the biomedical community has stepped up.  Operation Warp Speed led to the creation of three vaccines, and others have found treatments that can help lessen the symptoms of COVID-19. 

So, why does the Biden Administration keep trying to stifle that innovation and keep people from making their own decisions about their health care? 

As you may know, monoclonal antibodies treatments demonstrated clinical success for more than a year and have saved so many lives. Under the leadership of Governor DeSantis, our state opened several clinics where the treatment was made available to Floridians.

However, without providing any clinical data, the Biden Administration forced the Florida Health Department to cancel 2,000 appointments overnight, leaving thousands of Floridians with no alternative option to treat their symptoms from the virus.

Not only is this a violation of an individual’s right to medical freedom that should be left between patients and their doctors, but it’s denying the science.  After telling Americans for years to “follow the science,” why won’t the Biden Administration take its own advice? 

The Biden Administration must stop using Americans as political pawns and ensure that they have the best treatments available to them when they are needed.