Our nation was founded on the belief that if you work hard, you can succeed.  It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you looked like, everyone had an equal chance at success.

But academia has tried to undermine that core principle through affirmative action.  As a result, many of the best students have been locked out of schools simply because they didn’t check the right box.

Until today.  In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that affirmative action in college admissions is unconstitutional.  This decision reaffirms what many Americans already knew: the color of your skin does not determine your character or your merits.

It’s a huge win for students across the country who will now have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their race or background.

I am glad that the Supreme Court upheld this fundamental principle of our nation today.  All men are created equal, and that this is a nation with liberty and justice for all.