Oct 27 2021

Pass the Sweeter Act

The sugar industry has had it sweet for decades.  By keeping certain politicians in their pocket, the titans of the sugar industry have been getting fat handouts from the federal government in the form of Department of Agriculture sugar subsidies.

Make no mistake, these subsidies - paid for by the taxpayers - are not helping out small family farms.  Only 13 sugar processors in the entire country benefit from this program and they earn millions of dollars each year.  These are the same producers who drive up the price of goods for consumers, and at the same time, pollute our waterways. 

It’s past time for this corporate welfare to end.  Congress needs to pass the SWEETER Act to repeal the sugar program and end these subsidies once and for all. 

Florida’s Treasure Coast has plenty of experience with the greed and destruction of the sugar industry.  That’s why I’ll continue fighting to make sure they can’t keep inflating prices and contaminating the environment on the taxpayer’s dime.