Here’s the bottom line: Joe Biden left our Southern border open and Alejandro Mayorkas has rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas have made it clear their policy is to reverse anything with President Trump’s name on it. This includes Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and stopping the construction of his border wall.   They are so blinded by their own personal vendetta and political agenda that they don’t care that Americans are paying the price both literally and in terms of the safety of our communities.

Case in point: millions of migrants have snuck into our country and tens of thousands of pounds of fentanyl have come across the border since Joe Biden took office.

This should alarm everyone, but instead of realizing their own mistakes and reversing their open-border policies that put Americans in danger, Joe Biden keeps doubling down by threatening to prevent any Congressional action to secure the border.

Here’s the truth, though: Alejandro Mayorkas already has more than enough authority to slow the influx of illegal immigrants into our country.  He’s simply refusing to do his job.

That is why I voted to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas this week. He has repeatedly given illegal immigrants priority over law-abiding American citizens.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden’s lackeys in Congress teamed up to block the bill, but this isn’t the end of the fight.

This isn’t over: I won’t stop working to hold the Biden Administration accountable for their dereliction of duty.  Stay tuned for what comes next.