It’s been two years since we were told it would be “two weeks to slow the spread.”  But after two years and major medical breakthroughs, the CDC and TSA continue to demand we all mask up in airports.

In case you missed it, TSA has once again extended its mask requirement.  Hot on the heels of Philadelphia’s decision to reinstate indoor mask mandates, it seems like bureaucrats have no plans to give up the power they’ve grabbed throughout this pandemic.

There is no need for a mask mandate - it should be left to each individual to decide whether to wear a mask or not.  However, power-hungry bureaucrats want to control your lives by continuing unconstitutional and unscientific big government edicts.

This is why our lawsuit against the CDC is so important. Democrats in DC cannot be allowed to continue to infringe on our freedoms.  For more information on our lawsuit, click here.

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