Florida’s ongoing public health crisis is caused by the federal government discharging toxic water from Lake Okeechobee into our communities nearly every year.  Restoring the Everglades will ensure more water is sent south to help keep toxic discharges out of estuaries on the east and west coasts.

That’s why I fight every year to ensure that Everglades restoration has maximum federal funding.  Everglades restoration has benefited from increased federal support over the last decade, but more funding is needed to keep projects on track and avoid delays.

This week, I joined Senator Marco Rubio and many of my Florida colleagues in a bipartisan letter to President Joe Biden requesting $725 million in funding for continued South Florida Ecosystem Restoration efforts to be included in his upcoming budget request.  This is a fight that I’m in 365 days per year, and I’ll stay in it to make sure our kids and grandkids can enjoy all that the Everglades has to offer!  I’ll keep you updated.