President Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving our troops, embassy personnel, and Afghan allies in harm’s way. This led to the death of 13 American soldiers at the Kabul Airport.

Despite this tragedy, $2.8 BILLION of YOUR hard earned tax dollars have been sent to Afghanistan anyway since the Taliban took power. This money officially was a gift of the American people delivered in the form of humanitarian assistance.

I’ve long said that sending money to countries run by people that HATE us is ridiculous and the epitome of putting America Last. Besides, this humanitarian assistance will just get diverted and stolen by terrorists at the first chance.

This week, we got proof that’s happening in Afghanistan where the Taliban has extorted at least $10.9 MILLION sent to the country in humanitarian assistance. Given that ISIS and al-Qaeda are operating in Afghanistan, this money could be used to fund the next attack on American troops or interests in the region.

Sadly, this wasn’t President Biden’s only foreign policy boondoggle this week as we saw the Pentagon admit that it spent $312 MILLION to build a port in Gaza that has yet to deliver any aid to civilians. In fact, the Pentagon is now looking at “alternative routes” because this port has proved to be such a disaster.

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