Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida.  Your doctors can prescribe medical cannabis if they believe it is the right choice for you.  However, veterans in Florida who receive their care through the VA - or other states where it’s legal - are not afforded the same access.

The current federal law prohibits VA medical providers from discussing and prescribing medical marijuana even when the doctors may think it may be a good alternative for their patient.

If medical cannabis is legal in their state, why wouldn’t veterans be able to talk to their doctor about it?  Thankfully, Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle realize that this is bad policy.  Today, I offered a bipartisan amendment to allow VA physicians to discuss cannabis as a treatment option in states where it is legal.  This amendment to the military and VA funding bill was passed unanimously.

The bipartisan support for this measure is a good step forward, but we’re far from the finish line.  Tomorrow, the House will vote to pass the appropriations package, and then it will head to the Senate.  I’ll continue to push to make sure my brothers and sisters in arms have every tool possible to treat the wounds of war.