It is truly an honor to be your Member of Congress and to represent you in Washington, D.C.  But being your Representative isn’t limited to votes on the House Floor, it also means I can help cut through red tape and make sure that our government of and by the people is working for the people - for you.

The majority of calls to my office are from folks who are having trouble with a federal agency.  Whether it's a veteran who can’t get a copy of his service records, a student who needs a passport to study abroad, or someone who can’t get through to the IRS, my team and I can work to get you the answers you need in a timely manner.

Being your Representative also means being present in our community and hearing directly from you.  From responding to calls, emails and letters, to satellite office hours and attending events throughout the district, I’m grateful for every opportunity to hear your perspective because it’s absolutely crucial to my work in Washington.

This year, my team and I worked hard to make sure you received the best possible service.  Watch the first episode of my #YearInReview now.

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