As your Member of Congress, I’m committed to fighting for life and liberty for every person I represent.

This week in Congress, that meant pushing back against unconstitutional mandates, defending the vulnerable and fighting out-of-control spending that’s driving inflation.

Let’s start with inflation.  According to the new report on the Consumer Price Index, inflation has reached 9.1 percent!  From the gas stations to the grocery store, prices are untenable for working Americans across the country.

The House also considered a version of the annual defense authorization bill that failed to reverse the Biden Administration’s big government edict that every servicemember must receive a COVID-19 vaccine.  Even as we get new reports that every branch is struggling to meet recruitment quotas, and over 60,000 national guardsmen and reservists are at risk of losing their benefits, no action was taken. 

Finally, Speaker Pelosi and her allies also moved to pass far-left legislation that would allow abortions on demand until the very moment of birth, despite the fact that the majority of Americans disagree with the policy. 

I break it all down in this week’s Week in Review.