This was a great week.

We opened the first-ever office inside a VA facility. If you want to understand a problem, you’ve got to be present for it. Whenever I walk into the VA, there is a constant stream of veterans who approach me to share their experience or ask for help. Opening this office means on-demand support for our vets.

Next, we delivered RESULTS to prevent drilling off the coast of Florida. Let’s be clear: the reason we were able to secure a continued ban on drilling off the coast of Florida is because of a sustained, bipartisan effort from our representatives and ALL OF YOU that spoke out and said NO! When I spoke to Secretary Zinke, I shared your comments and WE got results! So, let me say: THANK YOU!

Finally, the good news for our economy has continued to pour in. As a result of our tax cuts bill businesses around the country are boosting paychecks and benefits for employees (more than $1.5 billion in publicly announced bonuses). Not just that but we've also heard of more than $1.6 billion in new investments by companies in the U.S. economy!