I came back to Washington, D.C. this week to meet with dozens of my colleagues and take action to address the disaster that is Afghanistan.  The majority of the people in these meetings are also veterans.  This is personal to them, as it is to me, and they are committed to taking action to help the Americans stranded behind enemy lines and the vulnerable Afghans who are being hunted by the Taliban. 

Do you know who I haven’t seen in the Capitol this week?  Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

She was all too eager to rush back to Washington in order to pass Senator Bernie Sanders’ socialist budget, but when it comes to rescuing Americans held hostage by terrorists, she can’t be bothered. 

Today, my colleagues and I went to the House Floor to demand that the House of Representatives take a vote on a resolution addressing Afghanistan.  But before any of us could ask for a vote, House Democrats - at the Speaker’s instruction - adjourned the session.  Speaker Pelosi refused to hold a vote on this bill, but she didn’t even show up to tell us ‘no’ herself. 

Speaker Pelosi won’t show up for the Americans left behind and she won’t show up to hold the Biden Administration accountable, but rest assured, House Republicans will.