The United States government has an obligation to protect ALL Americans.

Right now it’s estimated there are dozens of Americans detained in Russia, but it’s unclear if that is an exact number. Despite that reality, Joe Biden’s State Department won’t clarify exactly how many Americans are unfairly imprisoned in Russia.

The State Department claims the information changes daily, but that’s not a good enough answer. 

Our government is duty-bound to protect hard-working Americans from being wrongfully detained by foreign powers abroad. If you are an American detained abroad, there should be every expectation that an American is coming to get you, whether that's an American diplomat or an American with a rifle.

Yet, some Americans have been languishing behind bars in Russia for years. Many of them are hostages being held by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an effort to pressure the United States into making concessions.

The very fact that there are U.S. citizens detained in Russia without due process — not even including that the State Department cannot tell us how many — is a stinging indictment of the president.

Families of these detained Americans are owed an explanation as to why their loved ones are missing college graduations and birthdays. 

That’s why I’m calling on Joe Biden to explain to Congress what is being done to secure the freedom of these Americans.

Check out my op-ed piece with my good friend, Congressman French Hill of Arkansas, calling on Joe Biden's administration to provide Congress with a classified briefing on its efforts to secure the freedom of Americans unjustly detained in Russia.