One out of every ten veterans alive today experienced serious injury at some point while serving in the military.  These veterans go through excruciating pain - both physical and psychological - when they return home from battle.  Thankfully, there are tools available to relieve them of the pain.

While the studies have shown that medical marijuana can be a good tool in treating neuropathic pain, PTSD and depression, we don’t precisely know the exact implication of using cannabidiol treatments in the context.

That is why I’m glad to see that the Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act is now law.  It will make it easier for researchers to study the impacts and potential of cannabis for purposes of medical research and drug development.

As a co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus, I’ll continue to work to cut through the red tape that keeps individuals - including veterans - from a treatment plan that can dramatically improve their quality of life.