As a result of the mismanagement of our waterways in Florida, we’ve seen businesses close, animals killed and people getting sick. This has to stop.

This week, Congressman Bill Posey and I introduced a resolution designating the week of September 18 through September 25, 2021 as “National Estuaries Week.”  

According to NOAA, estuaries—despite taking up only 13 percent of the land area of the continental United States—contribute to 40 percent of jobs and nearly half of the nation’s economic output. 

By passing this resolution, the Congress can show its commitment to saving our environment, defending our economy and protecting public health.  

But we must do more than that. 

The Army Corps must be stopped from poisoning American citizens with toxic discharges.  The State of Florida must hold polluters accountable with enforceable water quality standards.  And, any infrastructure bill must fully fund Everglades restoration.

I will keep fighting to make that happen.