It has been 32 days since Hamas attacked Israel.  We have seen thousands of innocent lives robbed away by terrorists whose goal is to wipe the only Jewish homeland off the map.  Since the attack, it’s become clear just how barbaric the actions of Hamas was: there has been mounting evidence that babies were burnt alive, women were raped and dismembered, and entire families were massacred in their beds.

It was the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust.

But instead of showing support for Israel, American cities have been flooded with protestors chanting “from the river to the sea.”  They are calling for the complete destruction of Israel, openly glorifying the Hamas terrorists, and justifying one of the deadliest atrocities in Israeli history.

This is what happens when Hamas propaganda is parroted across our media and our government.  Hamas is engaged in a global propaganda and disinformation campaign designed to turn the world against Israel.  And it has consequences.

Take data from the “Gaza Health Ministry,” for example.  This unverified data purports that more than 10,000 people were killed by Israel, and lists numbers of women, children and other categories.  One obviously omitted category?  Combatants.  But that is by design.  Hamas wants to muddy the waters so that they can continue to hide behind the facade of “innocent civilians” when it comes to public opinion, just as they hide behind innocent civilians as human shields.  Here’s the truth: there’s only one side in this war that has shown no respect for innocent lives, and it’s Hamas - not Israel.

But while Hamas propaganda is spewed across the United States, the Democrats accused me of being a part of the Ku Klux Klan and even tried to censure me for telling the truth about what is going on on the ground.  At a time when antisemitic attacks are on the rise, it is shocking that they are more interested in appeasing radical protestors than standing with Israel.

Let me be clear: every time Democrats and the Biden Administration REPEAT Hamas’ propaganda, it brings Israel closer to a REPEAT of the October 7 attack.  We cannot afford this atrocity to happen again.