The American government’s job is to protect us.

Whether it’s foreign threat or attempts to erase our rights and freedom at home, OUR government is constitutionally bound to look out for the interests of American citizens. 

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening right now.

For one, our government is sending tens of thousands of your tax dollars to fund drag shows in Ecuador and expand atheism in Nepal. On top of that, tens of millions of YOUR tax dollars to the Taliban. This waste of taxpayer money is bordering on a crisis! 

There is also a crisis at our southern border. We’ve seen millions of migrants come into our country illegally since President Biden took office. And all that we see in response from the administration is APPEASEMENT and concession.

Thankfully, there was some positive news, too.

This week, the House passed my bill, crafted with Rep. Chip Roy, to restore President Trump’s sanctions on the International Criminal Court. This Kangaroo Court is unfairly targeting Israel for defending itself against Hamas. Our bill sends a clear message to the world: don't go after America or our allies.

The House also passed my legislation allowing veterans to discuss cannabis as a viable treatment with their doctors at the VA in states where medical marijuana is legal. Our bill doesn’t mandate the VA to prescribe cannabi, it only allows veterans to discuss it as an option for treatment.

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