Every day, millions of first responders put our safety before their own.  They step up to keep our communities safe, even when it means putting their safety on the line.

In fact, due to the danger posed to these first responders, Congress designated a unique retirement system referred to as “6c” for the federal first responders - including police officers, firefighters, air traffic controllers and many others - that allows them to earn an annuity after serving for 20 years and reaching age 50.

Not all federal first responders, however, are able to complete their 20 years of service if they unexpectedly become injured or disabled.  Under the current system, if they are no longer able to serve in their position, they lose the benefits promised to them under the “6c” system.

In other words, many injured federal first responders do not receive the full benefit that they earned.

That’s why I’m supporting the bipartisan First Responder Fair RETIRE Act.  This legislation ensures that federal first responders receive their full retirement benefits even if they are injured on the job.

First responders lay everything on the line for us.  This legislation honors that service and sacrifice.