Many men and women return from battlefields with wounds - both visible and invisible.  For the sacrifice these servicemembers made, I believe our government must treat the heroes with the utmost respect.

Unfortunately, due to unnecessary bureaucratic red tape, many veterans are misdiagnosed through faulty medical disability examinations (MDEs), which are the baseline assessments for determining the healthcare and benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

According to reports, unlicensed medical professionals, such as those with revoked medical licenses, are performing MDEs on behalf of the VA as contractors.  This is not the treatment that America’s veterans deserve.

That’s why I helped introduce the BEST for Vets Act to make sure that all MDEs performed at or on behalf of the VA are conducted by only licensed healthcare professionals.

I will continue to fight to make sure our country takes care of the men and women who put their lives on the line for our nation.