This week in Congress, there was a lot of fighting - for freedom.

Our nation is the Land of the Free.  Anyone can come to America and succeed as long as they are willing to work hard.  But instead of rewarding excellence and dedication, the State Department has been focusing on identity politics.  The bureaucrats at the State Department believe how well someone checks a box or adheres to the diversity and equity (DEI) agenda is more important than how well someone executes on our foreign policy objectives.  At a time when Xi Jinping is telling his generals to prepare to fight, this is a dangerous setback for our nation.

And on the House floor, we voted to protect freedom from government overreach.  In a new low, the Biden Administration is actually trying to regulate what type of stove you’re allowed to cook your dinner on.  That’s on top of the trillions of dollars spent on other regulations the Administration has implemented over the past two years.  House Republicans voted to stop them.

For updates on all this - plus the reauthorization of the FAA - check out the latest #WeekInReview: